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These are recordings captured during kirtan tours with friends around the world…








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Another visit to Iskcon New Jersey and their loving kirtan devotees once again. Meanwhile my mind and heart were also present with my daughter Sarasvati who had just been born just a few days earlier 🙂

Here’s a recording from one of our kirtans:


Kirtan with friends in New Jersey during the 12-hour Kirtan festival in their newest huge temple. The brothers Aksh, Anuj and the youth of New Jersey were very kind..


The final #Kirtan during the 12-hour Kirtan in New Dwarakadish Dham – Los Angeles, California. We only had 1 1/2 hour left and during the discussion on who should lead the final Kirtan of the festival we decided that we would end it together doing a 3 harmonium, 3 leading singers but ONLY ONE tune and make variations to it. My friend Vrindavan Das is playing mridanga. It turned out to be one of the most memorable Kirtans… Enjoy! ( I picked the tune 🙂 )


Enjoy this exclusive Hare Krishna Samba from Brazil from last year’s Kirtan fest by Amala Kirtan and friends. It will help you see that Brasil is beyond just futebol even though we are the only 5 times world champions :). Thanks Param Jyoti for getting it *almost* right!


After a long and tiring travel… 8+ hours by car and 10 hours in airplaine, I landed into this wonderful Kirtan oasis once again! Gauranga, Vraja, Kirtan Rasa, Prahlada Maharaja on mridanga and Sri Bhakti playing beautiful Sitar during our Kirtan. This kirtan is during the Maha Abhisek for Sri Sri Maha Gaura Nitai in Nova Naimisaranya community in Brazil this weekend.


Kirtan Fest – Brazil 2013 – Amala Kirtan Das


Recording from my Kirtan tour in Spain this summer. Energetic singing and beautiful kirtan moments with the presence of Sacinandan Swami during all kirtans.


Exciting Kirtan with the Krishna Balaram Mandir 24 Hour Kirtan Party. Incredible energy!


Stage Kirtan recorded live in Toronto Ratha Yatra 2013


How we do Kirtan in Brazil!


I had almost completely lost my voice singing during the festival. This recording is from a very special Kirtan night. Everyone had been happily singing and dancing during all day…


I recorded this during my visit in India. from the Radha Raman temple.


Part 1 of 12h Kirtan in downtown Toronto, Canada with Bhakti Marga Swami, Dharmadev, Vani, Khana, local devotees and an incredible crowd!


Part 2 of the 12h Kirtan in Toronto, Canada. Amazing energy, enjoy listening to this Live Kirtan and experience the energy of that night…


Yadi Gaura Na hoito…


Old recording of Gay Gaura Madhursvare by Amala Kirtan das. n old Kirtan recorded about 10 years ago in Alachua with friends.


One of the recordings from my visit to Toronto Aug/2012. You can feel the incredible energy from middle to end of the track of the Temple Congregation of Iskcon Toronto


Part 1 of my Kirtan tour to Canada for the annual Ashtaprahar Kirtan.


Antara Mandire Song sang during my Australian Tour 2012


Part 1 of my Kirtan tour to Canada for the annual Ashtaprahar Kirtan.


Canberra 2012 – Yoga Program Concert.


Antara Mandire Song sang during my Australian Tour 2012


just the beginning of a Kirtan in Brazil this weekend. nice tune, enjoy!


Awesome tune with friends in Miami


This Kirtan is from the opening of the 48 hour festival in Brazil last year… sorry only for listening for now..


This one was recorded during kartik 2011 in New Vrindavan


from last year’s tour in New Govardhan – Australia. This kirtan is a preview from my CD recorded live in Australia – I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it here.


Nice old tune I used to play when I was a teenager, Vishvambar, Kish and Bali are playing with me. you can hear the fun we were all having while spreading the kirtan energy around.


just few minutes of hours of doing Kirtan with this amazing boy. He is full of talent and bhakti. His parents are encouraging and guiding him towards becoming one of the best Kirtaniya, full of bhakti and humble. It was an amazing experience doing Kirtan with Ayush.


Home Program Kirtan in Toronto 2


relaxing afternoon after 2 days nonstop kirtan


This picture was taken during the Kirtan you are listening. That was a magical day! as you can see in the picture, I am playing kartals and sometimes taking turns with Aindra Prabhu.


This ’04 Kirtan was recorded in Alachua during one of my visits to the “Friday Night Kirtan” at my friend’s home – Pancha Tattva Prabhu. We used to party like this almost every weekend and sometimes we would end at 3 AM! In this recording you can feel the passion and love for Kirtan within these guys. Bali, Kish, Jagi, Ananta and many others are participating and sharing their energy.. I hope you enjoy!


It was announced that he would be singing at the Radha Raman Mandir that night. I was there 30 min early and got one of the best seats, right next to Aindra Prabhu who that night kindly tought me this beautiful tune. That was the night I had first met my Kirtan guru.


As promised from my previous post, heres the original recording from that tune where and when I learned it. The picture on the side was taken on that same night.


old recording from ’07 in Texas, USA


Unique Live Kirtan in Cincinnati, Ohio, November / 2010 .. nice tune, beautiful raga.. drums are great.

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